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Getting married in Capri

Weddings in Capri are truly unique. The island of Capri is a work of art made of shiny white houses, tiny squares, and narrow medieval alleyways full of flowers hanging from the balconies. Its incredible vistas, fragrant flowers, brilliant blue waters make it a perfect location for your dream wedding in Italy.

Capri Island has two important towns, Capri town and Anacapri. Thanks to its famous Piazzetta, and its first-class hotels, excellent restaurants and boutiques, Capri is more lively. Anacapri is more secluded, an excellent getaway for walks to the splendid villas Damecuta and San Michele.

Olivia & Julia Weddings strongly recommends a wedding in Capri if you wish to be captured by the splendour of one of the most incredible island of the world. An incredible selection of exclusive, stylish and sophisticated venues will make your wedding in Capri truly unforgettable.

Ceremonies Capri

Civil marriage on Capri

A civil marriage of foreign couples before an Italian registrar on Capri is possible. A civil marriage on Capri takes between 20 – 30 minutes. In addition to the couple, two witnesses and a translator should be present. an appointment for the signing of the documents needs to be agreed 1-3 days before the wedding ceremony. To this the couple as well as a translator should be present. We are happy to assist you with the necessary formalities and administrative procedures. In addition, our services include translations, interpreters, transfers and the organization of all conditions for your wedding celebration. After the wedding we will gladly organize an unforgettable wedding reception on Capri for you. Delicious Italian food, music and dancing will make your special day unforgettable.

Church wedding on Capri

On Capri, both Catholic and Protestant church weddings can be held in several languages. You can decide in which of the romantic churches you would like to have your marriage ceremony, depending on the availability of the church.
Unlike Catholic weddings, Protestant weddings can also be held outside a church.
Please note that the preparation for a church wedding in Capri requires a longer processing time, therefore the planning time will be extended.

Local Residents can get married in the Church on Capri, but foreign couples need to meet certain conditions, such as the following:

  • both bride and groom are Italian citizens residing abroad and they are enrolled in the A.I.R.E (Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero)
  • the bride or the groom is Italian and resides in Italy
  • relatives of first-degree of the bride and the groom live in one of the City Halls that belong to the Archdiocese
  • one of the couple had one or more sacraments celebrated in the parish in which the couple wish to celebrate the marriage.

For further information please contact us.

Free independent ceremony on Capri

A free independent ceremony is perfect for couples who want to experience their marriage individually. The free ceremony can take place in just about any location of your choice – on a cliff above the sea, barefoot on the beach or in the blooming garden of a villa, under an olive tree – we have wonderful insider tips in our portfolio. The ceremony will be held by an independent celebrant, whom you will get to know in advance either by email, skype etc., so that he / she can tailor the speech individually to you. Free ceremonies have no civil validity, but are mutual promises of the bride and groom, to stand for a lifetime for each other. During the emotional ceremony, you have the opportunity to vow personal words to each other. The free ceremony can also be held in several languages. Very popular are e.g. our free ceremonies in a small and intimate circle; only for two or with witnesses or the closest family – we create unforgettable moments for eternity!

Same-sex marriages

Civil or symbolic – While only symbolic marriages were possible before the law, same-sex couples in Italy can now finally celebrate legal weddings as well. This is of course also recognized in your home country, insofar as a same-sex marriage is legally valid. Our team will be glad to assist you with the necessary documents and administrative procedures. Of course, in addition to a civil same-sex marriage, symbolic marriages are still possible. The free ceremony offers the advantage of designing the ceremony according to the personal wishes of the couple. As far as the choice of location and the process of the wedding ceremony are concerned, your imagination knows no bounds. A symbolic wedding ceremony can be a great addition to a civil wedding in your home country!

Anniversary / renewal of the wedding vows on Capri

You would like to take the occasion of the anniversary of your wedding ceremony or another important event as an opportunity to renew your vows and pay homage to your love on Capri? Again, we create a beautiful and dignified emotional setting with a free ceremony. The extraordinary nature and personal character of the festive act will ensure that your marriage anniversary is in no way inferior to your marriage. Celebrate the beautiful memories!

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