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Getting married in Capri

Weddings in Capri are truly unique. The island of Capri is a work of art made of shiny white houses, tiny squares, and narrow medieval alleyways full of flowers hanging from the balconies. Its incredible vistas, fragrant flowers, brilliant blue waters make it a perfect location for your dream wedding in Italy.

Capri Island has two important towns, Capri town and Anacapri. Thanks to its famous Piazzetta, and its first-class hotels, excellent restaurants and boutiques, Capri is more lively. Anacapri is more secluded, an excellent getaway for walks to the splendid villas Damecuta and San Michele.

Olivia & Julia Weddings strongly recommends a wedding in Capri if you wish to be captured by the splendour of one of the most incredible island of the world. An incredible selection of exclusive, stylish and sophisticated venues will make your wedding in Capri truly unforgettable.

The history of the symbolic wedding

Did you know that the first symbolic wedding was celebrated on Capri?

In 1952, the poet Pablo Neruda fled Chile’s dictatorship and settled on Capri. With him was Matilde Urrutia, the love of his life whom he was not able to wed due to a previous marriage. During their days on Capri, their bond continued to deepen. To honor their love, Neruda decided to celebrate a symbolic wedding on the island. Years later, the couple were “legally” married, but their exchange of vows under the island moon was what they considered their true wedding for the rest of their lives.

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