The most beautiful wedding venues on Majorca

Boutique hotels on Majorca

Boutique hotels in Majorca are characterized by an individual and extraordinary design, which gives them a very special charm and character. Often the owner brings in his personal touch. All in all, Boutique Hotels attach great importance to exclusivity and a special service. As far as size is concerned, the number of rooms rarely exceeds 100, but most of the time it is clearly below 100, e.g. 9 – 30 rooms.
The boutique hotels aim to make you feel at home and not in an impersonal and interchangeable environment. Uniqueness is very important. But not only the personal style of the owners is expressed in a boutique hotel, often also style elements of the respective environment are integrated. Most boutique hotels in Majorca are located in exceptional and lavishly renovated historic buildings.
Boutique hotels are well suited for weddings between 20-100 guests and are ideal for bridal couples who want an intimate ambience and value on. Boutique hotels in Majorca are available in different price categories and sizes.

Finca hotels on Majorca

Finca hotels on Majorca offer you and your guests enough space to stay overnight and celebrate.
They have become the symbol for the Majorca wedding, spread this unique, country-typical charm, which we all love so much.
In addition, they offer amenities such as breakfast, cleaning service and usually have a restaurant with excellent cuisine.
Finca hotels are suitable for weddings from approx. 40 persons and also here there are of course different sizes and categories.

Finca on Mallorca

The country typical fincas offer themselves, in order to say yes within the circle of friends and family. Whether luxurious, with chapel, with many or few guests – we have in our portfolio a variety of different fincas for your wedding on Majorca.

Event fincas on Majorca

The beautiful wedding fincas on Majorca in Mediterranean style, which can only be rented for the celebration, are ideal for weddings from 80 people. The architecture of the fincas is often similar and most have a spacious patio. Some of these event locations offer the possibility to celebrate your party night outside until the morning hours or have a large interior that is used as a disco. The beautiful green areas of the fincas offer you natural shade for a relaxing afternoon as well as plenty of space for your dinner in the open air. Here you will celebrate a breathtakingly romantic wedding.

Luxury hotels on Majorca

“True luxury in a hotel is created by the right combination of tradition, quality and innovation. And apart from the outstanding quality of the furnishings, the most important thing is the service.”
In the luxury hotels on Majorca you will experience an exclusive holiday of a special kind – excellent service, high quality equipped hotel rooms and culinary variety. The kitchen is often crowned with Michelin stars and both the exterior and interior offer enough space for larger wedding parties.
Luxury hotels are ideal for weddings from 80 persons for bridal couples who wish an excellent service in a luxurious ambience for themselves and their guests.

Beach restaurants on Majorca

Some of the best memories of a wedding in Majorca come from dining out by the sea. Beautiful views of the sea or along the coast are guaranteed to caress the soul. The air, the light and wind chimes on the water, as well as the sound of the sea are captivating and enchanting…
Majorca offers numerous restaurants along its diverse coastline, with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea, which provide a perfect setting for those who have always dreamed of a wedding on the beach of Majorca.
Beach restaurants in Majorca come in different sizes and budgets, but all have one thing in common: unforgettable moments are guaranteed!

Beach clubs on Majorca

The beach clubs on Majorca offer Mediterranean lifestyle directly by the sea. Sun, enjoyment and relaxation factor as well as party feeling. Exactly this ingenious mixture you will find in our great stylish beach clubs on Majorca and fulfill your dream of a wedding “almost” with your feet in the sand.

Exclusive wedding venues on Majorca

Do you want to celebrate your event in a luxurious atmosphere and offer your guests only the finest, most exclusive and noblest? In this category we unite the most different wedding venues, whether boutique hotel, fortress, castle, luxury hotel and even a private island. If you have always dreamed of a breathtaking, unforgettable wedding, and if the best is just good enough for you, this category is the right address for you.
In this category we also offer a concierge service in a class of its own, so that you and your guests can enjoy a superlative service from the moment you land on the island.